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Confidential Documents Destruction

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RDN is a brand that embodies experience and reliability in our services. We provide a completely confidential service from the initial quote to the final service. We take pride in safeguarding your image, whether it's individual or corporate. We have the necessary equipment for the destruction of documents containing sensitive or confidential information, packaging materials, logos, or any material that the client classifies as confidential.

We are known for implementing strict security measures in our destruction services. We guarantee 100% confidentiality. We adapt to our clients' needs, offering both mobile destruction and on-site destruction options. We comply with HIPAA and FACTA. The process is certified by iSigma.

RDN operates from a facility located in the town of Arecibo. This operation is designed with the highest standards of confidentiality and staffed with trained personnel to handle any material classified as confidential.

Mobile Document Shredding

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As part of our fleet, we have five mobile units. These trucks and equipment are prepared to ensure and provide absolute confidentiality in our services, maintaining the highest standards of security and professionalism."

Electronic Equipment Decommissioning

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We specialize in decommissioning electronic equipment. Our service is customized to meet your needs. RDN has the knowledge and capability to provide services such as:
  1. Electronic equipment decommissioning
  2. Hard drive shredding
  3. Production line dismantling
  4. Equipment Recovery
  5. And more
Our services ensure identity protection, environmentally responsible disposal, and security. After we complete our work, you'll receive a decommissioning certificate as proof of the service provided.

"Environmental social responsibility is the way forward."

Material Destruction and Outsourcing Request a Quote

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This is the most impactful and complex project in the industrial sector. We manage a vast quantity of non-hazardous solid waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable, generated in the industrial sector. We provide human resource services to work within the industry or business where the project is conducted. We offer constant audits to divert waste effectively. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible recycling percentage for our clients.

Some of the outcomes achieved with this project for your industry, business, or organization include:
  1. Increased Recycling Rate.
  2. Supplier Consolidation.
  3. Cost Reduction of 5%-30% in disposal expenses.
  4. Process Improvements through ongoing consultancy.

Logistics and Operations

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At RDN, we proudly operate four cutting-edge facilities spread across the enchanting landscape of Puerto Rico. These facilities are the heart of our operations, where we skillfully manage, and process recyclable materials meticulously collected from our esteemed industrial and municipal clients.

Our strategic placement of these facilities ensures not only efficiency but also the delivery of top-notch services to our clients. They serve as the nucleus of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Within these dynamic hubs, we house a formidable arsenal of machinery specially designed for the intricate task of handling recyclable materials. Our arsenal includes a fleet of trucks, agile wagons, versatile open containers, state-of-the-art vertical balers, powerful compactors, and a comprehensive array of equipment. This impressive lineup empowers us to execute our services with precision, allowing us to cater to the unique and evolving needs of each client.

At RDN, our infrastructure is not just a collection of buildings and equipment; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to preserving our environment and delivering excellence to every client we serve.

Reciclaje Municipal

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Reciclaje del Norte has always been committed to the Municipal recycling program. We are constantly seeking solutions, alternatives, and different end destinations for many recyclable materials generated by our citizens. Among the materials we handle through Municipalities are corrugated cardboard, household plastics 1 and 2, white and colored paper, newspapers, magazines, and more. We work hand in hand with Municipalities to help them enhance and strengthen their recycling programs. We provide consulting services for designing, developing, and establishing material recovery systems, along with detailed reports on monthly processed material pounds.

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